New Approved Helium Miner Pisces P100

    Pisces P100

    Pisces Outdoor Gateway is a high-performance LoRa WAN product that supports Longfi technology. Therefore it can process a large amount of data on the helium network.
    POC 11 Ready

    It also has excellent stability, ensuring that it can still perform well in complex outdoor environments.

    What are the advantages of Pisces?

    Unlike many manufacturers on the market, our outdoor version will be the first choice for users.
    We have observed that users are more willing to put the device on the roof or outside the window in order to configure a stronger antenna. At the same time, a
    more open space can get a better harvest.
    The aluminum shell is more suitable for different and extreme weather. The professional operation and maintenance team ensures the stability of the equipment.
    Choose Pisces, we will deliver the equipment to you as quickly as possible.

    Iot Industry Elite

    Pisces’ engineering team is composed of senior experienced engineers from technology, R&D and manufacturing companies such as Intel and Microsoft, and Hangzhou Green Palm Technology. The team has a long history of Lora IoT development, and has a strong chip supply capability to ensure that Pisces Gateway can be produced quickly, maintained in time, and iterated efficiently.

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